Brown Flax seed – 250g


Golden Flax seed has many  nutritional benefits of flax seeds, including dietary fiber, lignans, magnesium, zinc and mucilage. Flax seeds originated in the ancient Mid-East and were used in Biblical days as an important source of polyunsaturated fatty acids, including Omega-3.


Brown Flax seed has the following health benefits

  • Brown Flaxseed adds light, nutty taste, pleasant crunch and rich nutritional content to recipes
  • Great non-allergenic alternative to peanuts and tree nuts
  • Rich in dietary fiber, Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants
  • Sprinkle into breakfast cereals, stir-fries and hot grain dishes, or use to garnish salads and vegetables
  • Gluten Free, Non-GMO, KOF-K Kosher Certified

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