This post is for you, if you feel your life has been going round in circles, you are not making much progress in life, or it seems like your life is on standstill while everyone else’ is moving just fine.

You basically do the same things every day; wake up, go to work, get back home, sleep and go to work again. I mean, not that you are a boring person and don’t like to go to other places like the cinema or the beach with family and friends, but you simply do not have the time. Work and traffic seems to be taking the best part of your life and to make matters worse, you do not derive any form of satisfaction from your job; you feel underpaid, undervalued and underutilised.


The truth of the matter is; you are not alone in this. A good number of the people you meet each day are only working for the money; to pay their bills (house rent, school fees, electricity, water, fuel, etc.). Most of them would never say a word about it and the rest do not see any options or way out of this and have gotten used to this life cycle.

Do you feel your life got derailed at some point and you really need to get it back on track? Do you feel you are not doing what you should be doing (probably you don’t even know what it is you should be doing)? Do you think you are not getting enough out of life; no way were you created just to make money, pay bills and die?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then please keep reading. 


When you were still young, you probably had different ambitions than you are living now. If you are not happy at your current job or business situation, you need to figure out what it is you would rather do. (Doing nothing is not even an option). What do you enjoy doing no matter how tired, hungry, broke and upset you are? What do you do so passionately without stress?

Write it down; write all you need to make it happen for real; what are the options to set it up? Do you need trainings to improve your skills? Is your resume updated? I suggest you make notes while you are planning and making research; note down all the details and be thorough. 



The minute you have a plan, or know the line of business you want to delve into, you have to start making moves in this light. Start researching on the internet, do some leg work, ask questions and make enquiries from people who know better, compare prices, signup for free trainings or even start a part time job to garner experience. Do not just sit in your bed and claim ‘there is a lion in the streets (Proverbs 26:13). Chances are you would have some failed attempts and make some mistakes; but remember; failures give you an opportunity to learn first-hand. 


A lot of people believe that having a family means that your life is on hold and having children means you cannot have dreams and aspirations anymore. I want to let you know that you can still do anything you want to do and even better than you envisioned.

To manage your affairs means that you have to make sure that you do not neglect your responsibilities because you are chasing your career. However, you can multitask, get help or assistance with chores, reassign duties, manage your time better and most importantly, increase your threshold for withstanding pressure. Don’t worry, your family and friends will support you if you are serious because they love you; just get your plan together and make a move.



It is quite scary to step out of your comfort zone into murky waters. A change of job is great, but a total career change could mean a drop in income or the risk of getting swallowed up by the pressure of keeping up with new tasks. But the fact remains, you would never know how great or bad a situation is if you don’t experience it. Take the risk; in a few months you would be happy you did, you would be happy. Everyone who ever became great had to take a risk at some point; they saw failure as another opportunity to learn. Don’t be afraid to fail, don’t give up on your dreams. Your dreams are worth the risk.


Plan each day even to the seconds. From the minute you wake up from your bed, take your meals, drive around and stand to chit-chat with pals, you need to account for every single time spent. Time is money; hence you must be as strict with your time as with your money. Don’t let each day pass without achieving or making progress in your goals. Wasted years are made from wasted months, weeks and days.

Do not focus on your past achievements, move forward and achieve greater things.



Don’t be quick to resign from your job especially if you don’t have some other source of income. Don’t relocate out of your state or country with the hope of greener pastures out there. Your first action should not be anything life changing because you could get overwhelmed with the change and its complications.

Try to get a job change, change your daily routines, find some means to reduce your stress; move house to live closer to your office (if you can afford it) or buy a car.

Change is necessary in life, but let wisdom direct your decisions.



Spend more time rubbing minds with people who are wise; people who understand what you are talking about, who are in the line of business or career you love, people who are positive and who motivate and inspire you. Associate with people who let the word of God inspire their life’s decisions. Don’t be moved by what you see; all the glam and glitz you see are not proof that such life is beautiful. Let Gods word be your standard in all your decisions.

I believe strongly that God made us for a purpose greater than just to work and pay bills and die. To get back your life’s spark and have a beautiful life worth fighting for, you need to get up and get inspired to take a risk.

I hope you found this post interesting. Remember to share with your friends as always… I appreciate.




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