Sometimes, I just wonder how Abraham was able to maintain his relationship with God to the extent of being known as ‘the Father of faith’. I mean, he didn’t have a perfect life (he had to deal with the pains of childlessness and a wife that likes to have her way (Genesis 16:1-4). Also, remember he had to deal with a terrible famine during his time Genesis 12:10), but he faithfully held on to Gods promises through the trials and till the end.

Abraham departed immediately God asked him to leave his country (Genesis 12:1-4) at the age of 75. He did not stop to reason and make sense of it, he did not consider his age and all he had achieved in Haran, but he departed and left.

How many of us can have this kind of faith in God? We pray for promotion, uplifting, sound health, success and Gods will to be done in our lives, but are we willing and ready to move quickly and in the same direction as God?

faith incrs

Faith is not just about what I say I believe. It is also about the actions I take to show I believe. If I believe I am healed, then I must get up and be about my normal routine. I hear people say when they are ill:

                                            ‘I am strong, that is why I cannot make it to the meeting’

..And I wonder; if you are strong (by faith), isn’t that the reason you should be at the meeting to put the devil to shame?

If I have faith that I am not broke, then I must be willing and ready to even sow seeds and rake my brain to find solution to see how I can support others not just myself alone. Here too, some people say:

                                        ‘I am very rich, that is why I cannot support in the project’

..But if you are rich (by faith), isn’t that the reason you must find any way to support, even if it is with your lunch money, believing that you will not hunger or suffer lack

Psalm 34:10 The young lions do lack, and suffer hunger: but they that seek the Lord shall not want any good thing

Abraham became the father of faith because he was able to take his faith from the KNOWING level, to the DOING level. He didn’t just say ‘Yes Lord I will’, he actually got up and did as God required of him; Sacrificing Isaac his only son whom he had waited for decades to have, setting off immediately to an unknown land when God told him to depart, and negotiating with God boldly for the life of Lot and his family.

This brings us to a crucial point; it is possible to have a higher level of faith; it is very possible to increase your faith to the realm of Abraham and Moses. So how can we increase our faith so that we will not just be empty vessels, but unshakable Christians? How can we hold on to the Word of God and receive the blessings that are due to every child of God? How can we practicalize and take our faith to higher levels?


  1. Feed your faith daily with the Word of God because the more of the Word you have in you, the more you believe that it is possible. Read about Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, David, Moses, Joshua and other bible characters. Try to relate with their lives and let it sink into your mind that if they got blessed on this earth after standing on the word of God, then you too will get your own share of God’s blessings if you stay rooted to Gods promises.
  2. Exercise and use your faith by confessing and prophesying good things in your life. Expect good things to happen to you because you are a child of God, choose to believe the good reports whether you deserve it or not. Be conscious of the fact that God is working wonders in your life and run from anyone that makes you feel like you do not deserve to live full.
  3. Stop waiting until you have a big problem before you believe in God, you can start from small things. Have faith that God will help you achieve your long term dreams and goals. Look within your heart and ask God for things that you need and don’t feel guilty for asking because God is able and willing to do ALL things for us.

Hebrews 11:6 for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

  1. Align yourself with the Word of God and with His plans for you. Stop trying to fight every situation you find yourself in order to change it to suit what you want and your lifestyle. Tune your heart to God and you will always know what He is saying per time. Let God have His way in your life and you would never regret it.
  2. Stop being afraid of failing, falling sick, being robbed, falling into dubious hands, dying, getting involved in an accident, losing your loved ones, losing your job, feeling pains, failing in your business, losing a contract, getting fat, being cheated on, not controlling yourself and whatever else keeps you awake at night.

I stopped being afraid and started enjoying my life when I read this verse:

Psalm 127:1-2 (CEV): Without the help of the Lord, it is useless to build a home or to guard a city. 2 It is useless to get up early and stay up late in order to earn a living. God takes care of his own, even while they sleep.

high faith

God will take care of your safety and the affairs of your life; give Him full control and trust Him.

Find ways to exercise your faith everyday (Hebrews 10:38); From praying that the traffic will be light on your way to work, to expecting good grades after you sit for an examination, and believing that God will heal you of that headache, back ache or stomach upset. That is how you can grow your faith.

Remember, miracles are not magic, they do not always happen in the twinkle of an eye, but they always surely happen if you believe.

Make a move today and believe that God will see you through because you believe He is a reliable God.

Shout Alleluia if you believe He is awesome..



  1. DavWms, you hit the head of the nail in this place and stage of faith. I hear you very loud and clear. I am experiencing all of what you have said and it so true that we have to rely on what we have learned in the other stages of faith to help us in this stage of faith it s like taking a final exam. There is a tremendous amount of warfare in the mind. Thank you so much for the confirmation and encouragement. thstruggl

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