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Introduction to Low Carb baking


Low carb (Low carbohydrate) baking is baking with ingredients low in carbohydrates, like cane sugar and wheat flour. Instead, you bake with ingredients with low carb content like nuts, seeds and zero carb sweetners.

People following a low-carbohydrate diet can lose weight, but the diet is no more effective for this than a low-fat diet. Although weight loss may be rapid, initially as a result of water loss, when the diet stops weight is regained just as quickly. Any weight loss from following the diet is merely a result of reduced calorie intake.

Limiting carbohydrate consumption is a traditional treatment for diabetes. Some experts recommend a low-carbohydrate diet as the first, default treatment for people with diabetes.

An introduction to Low carb baking for beginners, to explain some ingredients used in making low carb desserts and treats


I often get asked why bother with low carb baking; trying to make low carb versions of breads, cakes and treats and my answer is that low carb eaters (other kinds of dieters) often have cravings or miss their treats and its not really fair to deprive them of the good things of life.

Low carb baking is similar to any other kind of baking except now you have to be mindful of the ingredients and how their proportions in mixing with other regular baking ingredients like eggs and butter.

At this junction, ill like to emphasize that the recipes and foods i prepare are low carb; meaning that there are still some carb content so don’t be alarmed when a recipe calls for some high carb ingredients, but be mindful that the proportions will be used for flavoring in small amounts and they will be used in only a few recipes.



Here is a list of ingredients mostly used in low carb baking.


Nuts are used mostly as finely ground meal in most recipes to replace the flour of an original high carb variation. Nuts used are almond, coconut, tiger nut and groundnut. Groundnut is a legume with high carb content and it is mostly used in small amounts because of its concentrated flavour



It is necessary to add fiber to your baking to aid your digestion and soluble fiber is the choice. Psyllium Husk (whole or ground) is used to provide a high fiber content in recipes. Oats may also be used sparingly too but it has a high carb content.



Seeds help to boost your nutrition by adding texture, fiber, protein and flavour. Flaxseed, Chia seeds, sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds, are toasted and used in a variety of recipes.



Use room temperature unsalted butter, coconut oil and olive oil in your low carb baking. These oils do not need to be refrigerated



Splenda is made from chemically altered sugars, it has a pleasant taste but it contains carbs (because it contains maltodextrin which has carbohydrates)

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol; it sweetens like sugar and contains indigestible sugar (your body does not absorb it). To much consumption of  it may have a side effect of causing gas, cramping or diarrhea.

Erithritol is also an sugar alcohol its an effective sweetener with the same properties as xylitol above

Stevia is made from the leaves of the stevia plant. it has no adverse effect on your health but it leaves a bitter or disturbing after taste when used by itself as a sweetener.

My recipes mostly use a combination of splenda, xyilitol (or erithritol) and stevia.

i do this because Stevia is carb free but the bitter taste needs to be balanced with Xylitol which sweetens  effectively but has possible intestinal disturbances if used in excess and Splenda drives up your carb content is used alone.

molasses and honey are used in small amounts just to add flavour in a few recipes.



Dates, currants, blueberries, cranberries, and bananas are full of good nutrition, but are very high-carb and must be used sparingly.


Use large eggs at room temperature. Large will vary in different sizes though.



Sugar-free chocolate made with sugar alcohols is wonderful to use for making cookies, desserts, candies, and glazes. Chocolate is used in many recipes and often needs to be melted. Sometimes different types are combined, such as unsweetened baking chocolate and sugar-free milk or semisweet chocolate



Use heavy cream, but if you want a lighter cream (to use over fruit or cereal, for instance) dilute the cream with a little water. Heavy cream gives a little more body to recipes. However, it is also slightly richer in fat than regular cream.

Are there any ingredients you think are missing from this list or any you are wondering if it counts as low-carb? please leave a comment below, i’ll love to hear from you.



First Step To Start Baking

To start cooking doesn’t require mad science skills, yet so many people seem to be totally clueless or quite scared of messing up when cooking, and therefore do very little cooking at all. I believe that cooking more will help you the first step to a healthier and more satisfying life . knowing the food we eat, before we put it into our mouths. so i want to encourage everyone to cook more, even if you’re a total newbie who’s never had any practice. here’s what you need to do before you start cooking.



It is very important to maintain a really clean atmosphere when you are cooking. Yes, it can get really messy while you cook, but the the mess be from the ingredients and not from your body or hair or a dirty cutting board.

Wash your hands before you start to cook, wash your hands if you handle raw meat or fish to prevent cross contamination as raw meat isn’t so clean. Use a good unscented liquid wash, wash underneath your finger nails, the back of the hand, between your fingernails, rinse and dry your hands with a kitchen towel.

Tie or Cover your hair especially if you have long hair to prevent any hair strands getting into the food. dont get into the habit of scratching your hair when you cook too.

Remove jewelry such as bangles, necklaces or rings, you don’t want to contaminate your food or have your neck jewelry getting caught up in your hot pan


Tie an apron or wear your kitchen garb. pull up your sleeves. You need an apron to protect the food from any contamination and also to protect you from stains, smears and splatters. Don’t mind what you see on cooking shows where the cook is well dressed, trust me your clothes will suck of all the food aroma and you will smell like a juicy chicken when you are don’t cooking, so be ready to take a shower after you cook

Clean your work area before you start cooking, you will need a clear space for cutting, mixing, or prepping your food items, no matter how tiny your kitchen is, all you need is basically a sink and a little work space  (depending on how much food you are cooking)

A few tips you need to know before you start cooking.



Before you start cooking, you need to have a plan. What you will cook will depend on what food items you have in stock e.g vegetables, meats, carbs, spices, fats etc. While it might be easy to follow a recipe, remember that sometimes you may run out of or not like some items and will require you tweaking your recipe (or panicking) which may often product results that are different than the recipe you are using.

So if you are following a recipe, read it a couple of times and note the different ingredients and methods that are required, note whether you nee to marinate your beef, simmer your cream, chill your chocolate or even chop your vegetables.



This is very important. Always wash, cut or slice your vegetables, preheat your oven, bring and bring your dairy  (eggs and milk) to room temperature before you start cooking. Doing these things will save your time and reduce your confusion while you cook and



At all times, remember that the kitchen is not a place for fun and games, so its important to be cautious of the hazards such as  open flames, hot pots, hot oil, sharp knives etc.

Stay in the kitchen while you are cooking, so you don’t get carried away with activities and forget yourself while your meat burns.

Handle hot pots gently, use a pot holder (especially if your pot doesn’t have insulated handles). Turn pot and pan handles to the side, away from you so you don’t mistakenly knock them down and spill hot sauce on you (or your poor dog).



This is so so important. A dull knife is a key to a frustrating cooking experience. Before you start cooking ensure your knife is sharp; a sharp knife will cut swiftly and easily with less effort. Its funny too that a dull knife is even more dangerous than a sharp knife because



Fresh ingredients have a rich fresh flavor, nutritious and are safer for you. Ensure you buy food items from trusted sources and always check the expiry dates for your packaged products. if any items are stale or expired and you are unsure about their freshness, its better to trash them. If something smells bad or funny, trash it.



Cooking is a fun experience, though it can be annoying and frustrating and stressful, but always try to enjoy yourself while you cook. Personally i like to listen to music or podcasts while i cook, just so that i can maximize my time in the kitchen.

Whats your own way to de-stress and enjoy your cooking time? Leave your comments in the comments section below.

I hope this post has been helpful to you. Remember to like and share with your friends.


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How do you worship the Lord your creator? For me I spend time in His presence singing and rejoicing and meditating on His Word.
I want to present to you a brand new single titled ‘How great are you Lord’ By a very wonderful minister, song writer, worship leader and a very good pastor friend of mine; P.Collins.


This song is a testimony of how great our God is and how priviledged we are to be called His people; He is our rock, our shield and our great  provider.
I’ll really encourage you to download and listen to it for I know it will bless you as it has deeply blessed me.

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